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The satisfaction of our customers and their trust in us relect the quality of our solutions. Finde out first-hand how SOLID projects are efficiently and successfully deliverd from planning to completion.

Bank Headquarters in Lisabon

Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) is a Portuguese state-owned banking corporation, and the second largest bank in Portugal. It was established in Lisbon in 1876. It’s large headquarters in Lisbon have a high demand for hot water, heating and cooling and also have large roof

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Cooling for Desert Mountain High School

The desert of Arizona with its high solar irradiation requires a stable technology to cool down the heads of more than 4000 hard studying pupils. The desert’ sun was wisely understood not to be the cause for hot brains, but to be the source of

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Hospital Managua

The military hospital in Managua is the most modern hospital in Nicaragua and serves both civil and military patients. As Nicaragua is heavily dependent on fossil fuel imports both for electricity and heat generation, a solar solution was very much appreciated.

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District Heating Feldbach – BigSolar

Benefits of BigSolar integration in an existing biomass and gas fired district heating supply system are evaluated in the pre-feasibility. The added values are detected synergies between energy supply technologies, increase biomass efficiency and reduction of natural gas. Results indicate that a fully renewable district

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Harvard University

Sustainable innovation at Harvard University: SOLID and a local construction company are transforming the dormitory area with a solar thermal heating and cooling system.

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Incel Swimming Facility

A new municipal swimming pool was built in 2009 in Banja Luka, Bosnia. Through the existing partnership of the city of Banja Luka with the city of Graz, SOLID was given the opportunity to plan and install a large-scale solar plant together with Solar Graz,

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Heat pump for biomass heating systems

Klagenfurt’s district heating network, with a pipeline length of around 165 km, is operated by Energie Klagenfurt GmbH and supplies around 27,000 connected customers. The absorption heat pump uses the heat from the flue gas of a biomass cogeneration plant as a low-temperature heat source

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