Harvard University

Solar thermal for thinking heads

SOLID solar thermal hot water solution for one of the world’s most famous universities.

Sustainable innovation at Harvard University: SOLID and a local construction company are transforming the dormitory area with a solar thermal heating and cooling system.

The world famous Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, launched a green campus initiative. As part of the program, the initiative invited SOLIDs CEO Christian Holter to present the potential and possible applications of solar thermal heating and cooling for Harvard’s own premises. After the presentation and a detailed workshop, the University decided to convert the hot water supply for two dormitories in Prescott Street and Broadway with 98 apartments from natural gas driven only to a system that was supplied by SOLID’s solar system as primary source.

SOLID joined forces with a local contractor and installed 145 m² solar collectors (peak Power 100kW) , renewed and extended the hot water storage capacity and linked the system to remote monitoring. Through SOLID’s remote monitoring SOLID could supervise and optimize the operation, Harvard could connect the data to their green campus program showing the savings and impact.

Technical Specifications


CO2 Savings
25 t/a

Collector area
145 m²

16 m³

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