Solar District Heating

Greening of rural and urban heating grids

What is Solar District Heating?


Solar District Heating feeds heat from solar thermal collectors into existing or new district heating grids. Solar district heating solutions were already implemented from small villages up to cities with several hundred thousand inhabitants. Innovative concepts of SOLID include storage and load management, yielding the highest solar fraction and lowest energy rate.


Shutting off the boiler in the summer months

With a large scale solar thermal plant and heat storage like in Mürzzuschlag, there is no need for low load summer time operation of large boilers

Solar district heating is the major opportunity to increase the overall renewable heat supply and energy efficiency in urban and rural areas. It reduces carbon emissions and air pollution.

„Traditional“ Solar District Heating works with diurnal heat storages and delivers heat mainly in summer months and shoulder seasons.

Innovative BigSolar solutions from SOLID work with seasonal storages and deliver heat to the grid and the customers all year round.


„Being a utility, sustainable and secure heat supply is very important for us. In SOLID we found an enthusiastic partner with the right know-how with whom we could implement our project according to our desires.“

Success Stories

SOLID installed solar cooling energy systems around the globe. Here is a list of similar projects. Or you can click here to get back to our Success Story Overview.

Vransko District Heating

Energetika Vransko, the local utility, wanted to increase their green energy supply to the district heating system. The signs were good – especially lucrative funding instruments removed all doubts in

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Berliner Ring Real Estate

The housing estate Berliner Ring with its high rise buildings was constructed in the 1960s. The over 700 flats are owned by individual owners and not by a single company.

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Franziskus Hospital Hardberg

The solar thermal plant, with in total 790 m²/8,500 ft², supports the energy supply of domestic hot water system, heating system, air-conditioning system (via absorption chiller) and feeds solar heat

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