Step-by-step towards large scale solar thermal projects

SOLID's knowledge is in demand

Embarking on large-scale solar thermal projects requires careful planning and strategic groundwork.

SOLID’s over 25 years of experience in development and realization of innovative heat and cold solutions is in demand. SOLID offers project consulting and capacity building, financial engineering as well as market development and support in product development.

From the idea through the implementation: With SOLID into the future of solar energy

Like any large infrastructure investment, solar thermal projects need good preparation.

The concept phase starts with a costumer needs identification including a stakeholder assessment. In a next step, the heating and/or cooling system is analyzed and basic data collected. Thereafter SOLID evaluates the technical optimum design and also develops different design options incl. estimation of investment costs and levelized cost of heat. SOLID also supports the location assessment and conducts a pre-design of the solar plant. 

Success Stories

SOLID installed solar energy systems around the globe. Here is a list of our projects. Or you can click here to get back to our Success Story Overview.

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