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BigSolar for small towns

The pre-feasibility study showed that BigSolar can be a key system solution for renewable district heating:

Benefits of BigSolar integration in an existing biomass and gas fired district heating supply system are evaluated in the pre-feasibility. The added values are detected synergies between energy supply technologies, increase biomass efficiency and reduction of natural gas. Results indicate that a fully renewable district heating network is techo-economic feasible.

First of all, utilities are forced to reduce natural gas consumtion. Secondly, biomass for district heating application lacks in availability on a long-term. Thirdly, biomass part-load performance is cost intensive and forces the utility to shut down the district heating network in the summer months. A deep-routed collaboration with the local utility, Energie Steiermark, led to a comprehensive evaluation in analyzing BigSolar for Feldbach.

SOLID ongoingly minds of the local stakeholders’ commitment as a crucial fundament for success. The boundary conditions and stakeholders needs are evaluated and feed the simulation based sensitivity analysis. BigSolar has shown to be integrated straight forward into existing district heating supply systems. SOLID proposes to find, together with the customer and all stakeholders, the best investment scenario. (doc science brunch)

The results show an adequate option for a strategic energy supply planning. As added value, SOLID detected optimization potentials that are integrated in the proposed action plan.

At a glance, the customer received an overall system approach analyzation, integrated measures to increase efficiency (e.g. integration of the local hospital and industrial waste heat) and to increase the renewable share at competitive to the existing heat price.

“The pre-feasibility study for BigSolar Feldbach showed interesting options for the future heat supply of Feldbach and helps us to decarbonize our energy supply. SOLID’s involvement of local stakeholders was very helpful.”

Mayor Josef Ober

Technical Specifications

CO2 Savings
1230 t/a

Collector area
28438 m²

99000 m³

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