Heat pump

Sustainable supply of heat to industry and the heat transmission

Thermally driven heat pumps

(Thermal) absorption heat pumps can be used for:
• Heat recovery through flue gas condensation
• Industrial waste heat utilization

Absorption heat pumps can increase the efficiency and economy of industry, waste combustion and heating (power) plants when waste heat flows at low and high temperature levels are available. In particular for feeding in to district heating grids close by.

Utilize hidden energy reserves with absorption heat pumps

Depending on the properties of the combustible, in most cases an extra yield of 5–10 % can be reached

For using the condensation heat of 45° C for district heating, a thermal driven absorption heat pump is needed. Thereby the district heating temperature of the return flow can be raised to 75–85° C. If higher temperatures for feeding in to the district heating flow are needed the existing boiler can raise the temperature to the desired level.

As shown in the example below, additional energy of 8 MWth can be won, which would otherwise escape through the chimney.

Electric Heat Pump

The transition to renewable energy sources with electric heat pumps

Electric heat pumps are at the heart of an innovative energy strategy to maximise energy efficiency in various processes. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Hot water and heating
  • District heating with high solar fractions
  • Industrial process heat

Electric heat pumps and renewable energies

– in harmony for a sustainable future

Combined with other sustainable energy technologies, such as solar energy and heat storage, electric heat pumps can further increase energy efficiency while reducing environmental impact. These state-of-the-art systems provide a reliable supply of heat in the optimum temperature range of 50-95°C and are a perfect complement to the renewable energy portfolio.

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