Solar Hot Water & Heating

The classic solar thermal application

High efficient use of solar heat

Fresh water has a tab temperature of 10–20° C and thus leads to excellent efficiency of solar thermal collectors

Many buildings, like multi-family homes, hotels, hospitals, dorms and prisons have high sanitary hot water demand all year round. For these buildings solar thermals are perfect in combination with a hot water storage. The solar energy is yielded during the day and can be used all day round, e. g. in mornings and evenings, when inhabitants take a shower. Other use for hot water is kitchen and laundry


Success Stories

SOLID installed solar hot water & heating energy systems around the globe. Here is a list of similar projects. Or you can click here to get back to our Success Story Overview.

Die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden und Ihr Vertrauen in uns spiegeln die Qualität unserer Lösungen wider. Erfahren Sie aus erster Hand, wie SOLID-Projekte von der Planung bis zum Abschluss effizient und erfolgreich durchgeführt werden.

AVL List

The solar plant at AVL is Central Europe’s largest solar thermal system for industrial heating and cooling

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Berliner Ring Real Estate

The housing estate Berliner Ring with its high rise buildings was constructed in the 1960s. The over 700 flats are owned by individual owners and not by a single company.

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United World College, Singapur

The new campus was designed with support by SOLID’s concept for large-solar-thermal-systems, to fulfill the criteria of the Green Mark Platinum Certificate. The Green Mark Platinum certificate by the Building

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Franziskus Hospital Hardberg

The solar thermal plant, with in total 790 m²/8,500 ft², supports the energy supply of domestic hot water system, heating system, air-conditioning system (via absorption chiller) and feeds solar heat

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Bank Headquarters in Lisabon

Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) is a Portuguese state-owned banking corporation, and the second largest bank in Portugal. It was established in Lisbon in 1876. It’s large headquarters in Lisbon

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Hospital Managua

The military hospital in Managua is the most modern hospital in Nicaragua and serves both civil and military patients. As Nicaragua is heavily dependent on fossil fuel imports both for

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Harvard University

Sustainable innovation at Harvard University: SOLID and a local construction company are transforming the dormitory area with a solar thermal heating and cooling system.

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