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The satisfaction of our customers and their trust in us relect the quality of our solutions. Finde out first-hand how SOLID projects are efficiently and successfully deliverd from planning to completion.

Dairy industry in California

Dairy Industry in California produces a wide range of high-quality dairy products for private label, foodservice, industrial and export markets. The company wanted to replace a portion of its energy needs with renewable energy sources. SOLID implemented an effective, long-term and sustainable solution.

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Ball – Solar heat for can production

Ball Corporation, based in Fairfield, California, has more than 35 years of tradition. Up to 8 million cans are produced every day. The pursuit of innovative goals in the area of sustainable development has led to a collaboration with SOLID in the area of process

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District Heating Mürzzuschlag

Mürzzuschlag is a town of 8,500 inhabitants in a mountain region between Vienna and Graz. It’s district heating system used to be fired by natural gas and biomass boilers. As both are scarce ressources, the integration of solar thermal was very much appreciated.

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IKEA – Cooling in Singapore

SOLID supports the air-conditioning system of IKEA in Singapore. The solar plant, with 2,472 m² of collector area and an absorption chiller with 250 RT/880 kW, cools the multi-storey building.

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AVL List

The solar plant at AVL is Central Europe’s largest solar thermal system for industrial heating and cooling

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District Heating Graz Liebenau

On the roof of the skating hall of the Stadium in Graz Liebenau, a solar thermal system with 1407 m² collector surface was built on an ESCo basis. This system feeds the generated energy into the municipal district heating network and thus supplies the buildings

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