Olympics sport center Qingdao

2 plants for olympic sailing center

Solar cooling and hot water for the Olympics 2008

The International Olympic Committee has made a strong commitment to sustainability and minimizing its CO₂ emissions.

SOLID contributed two plants for the Olympic sailing village. One system heated and cooled the press and administration center of the Olympic sailing village. A second system provided sanitary hot water and pool heating to a building which housed the athletes.

The energy generated from a collector area of 631 m² on the logistics center is delivered to a buffer tank of 12 m³. The energy stored in the buffer tank is used to drive two absorption chillers for cooling. Furthermore, the energy is used to heat water and, if heating is required, to support the heating system.

For backup purposes, the system is coupled with a district heating connection.

After feeding the solar energy of the SportCenter (collector area 666 m²) into two buffer tanks with a capacity of 7m³ each, the energy is distributed for swimming pool heating, hot water preparation and heating support.

Technical Specifications


CO2 Savings
190 t/a

Collector area
1297 m²

25 m³

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