District Heating Pancevo – BigSolar

Paving the way for BigSolar in the Western Balkan

Renewable heat from BigSolar is in synergy with the existing district heating infrastructure and CO₂-free. Heat generation costs are lower compared to current fossil-based and moreover long-term stable.

Based on the local utility’s positive experiences in operating solar thermal technology, benefits of BigSolar integration in an existing gas-fired district heating supply system have been evaluated in a pre-feasibility study. In collaboration with European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, results show a cut in in fossil fuel consumption and particularly significant reduction in threatening variable OPEX.

Utilities are forced to reduce fossil fuel consumption and ultimately to decarbonize its heat generation. The local operator is forced to pay  penalties as their natural gas demand eceeds contractual agreements. Patch operation  of fossil-fired boilers are highly cost intensive in contrary to steady operation.

To cover all risks of Panĉevo district heating, the collaboration under the umbrella of the EBRD program ReDEWeB* between SOLID and the local utility led to a comprehensive evaluation for implementing a BigSolar system.

The specific framework conditions and individual stakeholders’ needs were comprehensively evaluated. Different concept solutions were fed with a dynamicsimulation based sensitivity analysis by also consideringpotential available land nearby. BigSolar has shown to be integrated straight forward into the existing district heating supply system.

The results show an attractive decarbonized option for a strategic renewable energy supply. In the next phase of the project SOLID proceeds with a detailed feasibility study as basis for starting the a detailed engineering process. As added value, BigSolar in Panĉevo has the potential to be a lighthouse project in Western Balkan countries leading to significant CO2-reduction in district heating. The customer received a tailor-made, feasible, competitive and green solution, which additionally reduces the variable OPEX of natural gas consumption.

*Renewable District Energy in the Western Balkans

Technical Specifications

CO2 Savings
6333 t/a

Collector area
35000 m²

150000 m³

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