Hospital Managua

A perfect solution for a sunbelt country

The hospital in Managua has the largest solar thermal cooling system in Latin America

The military hospital in Managua is the most modern hospital in Nicaragua and serves both civil and military patients. As Nicaragua is heavily dependent on fossil fuel imports both for electricity and heat generation, a solar solution was very much appreciated.

In the planning phase of the new hospital, the management of the hospital was searching for green technologies for the new buildings. Via the local UNIDO Cleaner Production Center, SOLID in Austria was approached.

SOLID developed together with the local stakeholders a sustainable solution for hot water and space cooling and also an attractive financing solution with a soft loan, supported by the Austrian government. Given the high cooling demand in Managua, all available roof areas on six different buildings were occupied with large high temperature flat plate collectors.

Now the interconnected collector arrays feed a buffer storage tank and this tank supplies the hot water demands and the absorption cooling machine. The hospital and its owners now benefit from savings in fuel cost for hot water and from savings in electricity for cooling.

Technical Specifications


CO2 Savings
560 t/a

Collector area
4450 m²

75 m³

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