Bionenergy Village Liggeringen

Solar thermal for the solar energy village

Previously heated by expensive fuel oil, the houses of Liggeringen now benefit from clean heat from biomass and solar at stable prices

The village of Liggeringen is in the hills in the vincinity of Radolfzell at Lake Constance in Southern Germany, close to the Swiss border. There are mainly single family houses, but still it was viable to build a new district heating grid. As the utility Stadtwerke Radolfzell wanted to go for renewables, solar and biomass were the first choice.

The utility Stadtwerke Radolfzell was interested in solar thermal for its heat generation portfolio.

Liggeringen was the first solar thermal plant for the company. They want to gain experience with the technology in order to decide about more solar plants in the future. Liggeringen was the perfect opportunity for solar thermal, as it runs mainly on biomass in winter and solar thermal is a perfect match for summer.

The solution with 3 large thermal buffer storages of 240 m³ in total allows solar only summer time operation as the buffer is sufficient for several days with low irradiation.

SOLID gave support for higher-level controls implementation, not only for solar thermal. SOLID also supports the customer for his long term strategy in use of renewables.

Technical Specifications


CO2 Savings
160 t/a

Collector area
1068 m²

240 m³

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