District Heating Plant Graz

The solar district heating plant “Fernheizwerk Graz” provides a direct link between research, plant construction and operation.

District Heating Mürzzuschlag

Mürzzuschlag is a town of 8,500 inhabitants in a mountain region between Vienna and Graz. It’s district heating system used to be fired by natural gas and biomass boilers. As both are scarce ressources, the integration of solar thermal was very much appreciated.

District Heating Graz Liebenau

On the roof of the skating hall of the Stadium in Graz Liebenau, a solar thermal system with 1407 m² collector surface was built on an ESCo basis. This system feeds the generated energy into the municipal district heating network and thus supplies the buildings connected to the district heating network in the area with […]

Eibiswald District Heating

The installed heat storage, with a capacity of 165 m³, results in an overall efficiency increase via energy management.

Vransko District Heating

Energetika Vransko, the local utility, wanted to increase their green energy supply to the district heating system. The signs were good – especially lucrative funding instruments removed all doubts in the investment of this first of its kind solar district heating system.

Bionenergy Village Liggeringen

The village of Liggeringen is in the hills in the vincinity of Radolfzell at Lake Constance in Southern Germany, close to the Swiss border. There are mainly single family houses, but still it was viable to build a new district heating grid. As the utility Stadtwerke Radolfzell wanted to go for renewables, solar and biomass […]

District Heating Graz Andritz

In order to get one step closer to becoming the solar capital of Europe, the City of Graz and the urban energy utility company Energy Graz decided to work with SOLID to develop this flagship project on the grounds of the water works Andritz, the city´s central water supply station.

Heat pump for biomass heating systems

Klagenfurt’s district heating network, with a pipeline length of around 165 km, is operated by Energie Klagenfurt GmbH and supplies around 27,000 connected customers. The absorption heat pump uses the heat from the flue gas of a biomass cogeneration plant as a low-temperature heat source and feeds heat into a district heating network. The heat […]

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