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Absorption heat pump for biomass CHP Klagenfurt East

Klagenfurt's district heating network, with a pipeline length of around 165 km, is operated by Energie Klagenfurt GmbH and supplies around 27,000 connected customers. The absorption heat pump uses the heat from the flue gas of a biomass cogeneration plant as a low-temperature heat source and feeds heat into a district heating network. The heat pump was supplied and installed by SOLID.

At our reference project in Klagenfurt, Austria, we use 8 MW from the exhaust gas condensation of a biomass CHP boiler, total power of 52 MW, at 45°C. On high temperature side, the absorption heat pump is supplied by 12 MW at 130°C. This leads to district heating feed-in temperature of 75°C at 23 MW.

As return is below 60°C in winter, a temperature spread of over 15K is reached. In winter district heating has a flow temperature of up to 120°C. So the absorption heat pump heats up from 60°C to 75°C and the biomass boiler from 75°C to 120°C.

Technical Specifications


Heating Capacity
23 MW

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