Christian Holter was honored for his many years of commitment to solar thermal energy

In the course of the 30th anniversary of the European solar thermal association Solar Heat Europe (SHE),Christian Holter was honored as "Outstanding Contributor in Solar Thermal Research and Innovation" on 20.06.2022 for his long-standing commitment to solar thermal energy.

The solar thermal industry is investing heavily in new production capacity in Europe, creating jobs and avoiding fossil fuel imports. SHE’s 30th anniversary campaign was not just about celebrating the past, but more importantly about looking ahead to the next three decades and solar thermal’s contribution to a carbon-neutral energy panorama. In parallel, Solar Heat Europe is working on the development of a solar heating industrial strategy and a joint contribution to the EU solar strategy to eventually achieve net zero emissions in 2050.

This event took place on June 20 and was designed to bring together policy makers, partners and representatives of the solar thermal industry, as well as the media. The event addressed the importance of solar thermal in the context of the challenges of decarbonization of heat supply and the deployment of renewable energy. The celebration was also an excellent opportunity for the European solar thermal sector to come together and combine its efforts for greater impact.

The founder of SOLID Solar Installation and Design Company Dr. Christian Holter was honored during the ceremony amongst 5 other long-time pioneers and promoters of solar thermal energy for his tireless commitment. SOLID Solar Energy Systems warmly congratulates Dr. Christian Holter and is pleased that Dr. Christian Holter received this award.

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