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Europe's largest solar cooling systems solution for industrial processes

The solar plant at AVL is Central Europe’s largest solar thermal system for industrial heating and cooling

AVL, or Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen List, is an Austrian-based automotive consulting firm as well as an independent research institute. It is the largest privately owned company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines (ICEs) as well as instrumentation and test systems and also produces electric powertrains. AVL has significant demand for heating and cooling all year round.

AVL is a world leading company headquartered in Graz. AVL is employing more than 7,000 engineers in the Graz facility alone, and is using multiple engine test stands. The company is very environmental conscious and contacted SOLID as a new parking deck offered the opportunity to install a solar system.

AVL and SOLID jointly evaluated the energy demand and SOLID installed in 2017 based on an ESCo agreement a solar plant with 1,584 m² collector area and a storage of 70 m³ to reduce AVLs needs from natural gas and district heating but as well to built a roof above the top floor of the parking deck.

AVL was satisfied with the first stage and still had thermal demands to cover.

Together AVL and SOLID identified two more roofs that could be equipped with solar collectors. The heat demand in summer was already covered, however AVL has significant cooling demand. So the second and third phase of the project was designed to integrate an absorption chiller with 650 kW and additional 1,518 m² solar collectors. With this system, AVL can cover additional cooling needs in summer and support process and space heating in the remaining year.

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Technical Specifications


CO2 Savings
320 t/a

Collector area
3.463 m²

70 m³

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