TIGI Solar and SOLID Solar Energy Systems join forces

The cooperation combines highly efficient technology for renewable heat with global experience and know-how.

SOLID Solar Energy Systems is delighted to officially announce its cooperation with TIGI, a listed provider of solutions and services in the field of renewable heat generation and storage. TIGI Solar will become the majority owner of SOLID Solar Energy Systems. The aim of the alliance is to expand into new markets and take a leading position in the international renewable heat sector with renewable heat projects for commercial, industrial and district heating applications. As part of the collaboration, the two companies will bring together highly efficient technology solutions and global experience and implementation capabilities in the field of solar thermal systems.


SOLID and TIGI have started a successful trial run in 2023.

Last year, SOLID and TIGI joined forces to build a large-scale industrial solar thermal power plant in California, USA. The project is designed as a heat-as-a-service, with no upfront investment in the plant by the project operator, and minimises the use of natural gas, resulting in greater efficiency and a reduction in costs and emissions.


Bundled opportunities in a changing energy market.

As the energy market shifts away from natural gas and towards renewable energy sources, the heating sector has come to the centre of attention. Recent developments, particularly following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have triggered a rapid shift away from fossil fuels. This trend is being reinforced by growing climate awareness and the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources. The collaboration between SOLID and TIGI expands both companies’ global presence and potential customer base at this exciting time of transition. Together they have a solid pipeline of global projects that they will work on together with highly efficient technology solutions and established international project implementation expertise. With the combined expertise of two experienced teams, TIGI and SOLID will become major players in the renewable heat sector, industry, capitalising on their combined opportunities to address climate change.


Stephan Jantscher

“SOLID has a strong team of highly skilled experts with a notable portfolio of projects globally,” stated Stephan Jantscher, CEO of SOLID. “We are excited to be part of this journey and believe our combined technologies, business expertise, and resources deliver robust, turnkey systems tailored to the unique demands of our customers. By joining forces, we are ready to leverage our expertise and resources to further expand our global impact. With a shared vision for innovation and sustainability, we are confident that this partnership will propel us to new heights of success.”


Zvika Klier

The cooperation with SOLID will enable us to develop and implement renewable energy-based heat projects for commercial, industrial  and district heating uses on a global scale. TIGI and SOLID will work diligently to expand our joint reach and to further enhance our offering in the Heat-as-a-Service business model. The landscape of renewable heat is undergoing a seismic shift, and by joining forces with such a notable team, we are well positioned to serve this significant opportunity,” stated Zvika Klier, CEO of TIGI.


About TIGI

TIGI develops renewable heat generation and storage solutions and services. It supplies efficient systems that include its own patented and highly efficient solar thermal collectors, industrial heat pumps, smart storage, and cloud services. For more information, please visit www.tigisolar.com

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