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BigSolar Prishtina: a milestone in Kosovo's energy transition

Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, will be one of the most advanced European city in terms of solar district heating

BigSolar Prishtina will have an impressive 40.6 MW (about 58.000m²) solar collector field together with a seasonal storage of 400.000 m³. SOLID is part of the consulting consortium.

SOLID is partner in the consortium of the project “Consulting for the implementation of the project Solar4Kosovo II – solar district heating”. The consortium is led by CES clean energy solutions.

The motivation for this pioneering project was complex. Kosovo is faced with the challenge of converting its energy supply from coal-based systems to sustainable energy in order to both reduce pollution and improve energy security. With a large proportion of the population dependent on coal-based heating systems, a paradigm shift is urgently needed.

The project is the result of a partnership between CES-Clean Energy Solution and the Kosovan energy utility Termokos, who have been working together since 2012 to modernise the district heating network in Prishtina. Together with experienced district heating experts from Austria, the Big Solar concept was adapted to the specific conditions in Prishtina to create an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solution for the city’s energy supply. BigSolar Prishtina will have an impressive 40.6 MW solar collector field together with a seasonal storage of 400.000 m³.

SOLID supports this project throughout:

  • Provision of expertise in the relevant field of expertise,
  • Tendering, engineering, design
  • Monitoring of a proper implementation and supervision of assembly and construction works
  • Quality control, compliance of HSE requirements
  • Training and certification of the Employer regarding the proper handling of the new system

Economic and environmental impact of the project:

  • Switching to solar energy reduces dependence on expensive imports of fossil fuels, resulting in long-term cost savings for consumers.
  • The creation of jobs in renewable energy and infrastructure contributes to the economic development of the region.
  • Reducing the use of coal for heat generation will significantly reduce CO₂ emissions and improve air quality in Prishtina.
  • The use of solar energy as the main energy source for the district heating network contributes to the global fight against climate change and promotes sustainability.

Technical Specifications

CO2 Savings
47.000 t/a

Collector area
58.000 m²

408.000 m³

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