SOLID invests in Solis Calor AB

Solis Calor AB, based in Stockholm, has developed a concept for the design, financing and asset management of solar heating systems and thermal energy storage solutions.

SOLID Solar Energy Systems Gmbh and the Swedish company Absolicon Solar Collector AB join the company as founders. Both, SOLID and Absolicon will contribute with solar thermal system projects and will participate in the board and in the establishment of financial structures for solar heating. The motivation is to offer investors the opportunity to invest on the one hand in renewable infrastructure with long-term cash flow and on the other hand to make a major contribution to a fast energy transition.

Solis Calor AB is a company that offers energy services to companies, public institutions and to district heating utilities. The company was originally founded by Magnus Andersson and Stefan Jonsson together with the solar heating companies SOLID and Absolicon. Both, SOLID and Absolicon will contribute with projects, working hours and financing of each SEK 250,000 through a directed new share issue. Through the share issue, SOLID and Absolicon each hold 20% ownership.

The business concept was developed during 2020-2021 supported by InnoEnergy ( The aim was to develop the industry further by creating new investment structures, which jointly aim to develop and own solar heating systems. Value creation takes place through the development and management of project companies and their revenues, refinancing and the sale of assets over time. The concept involves financing throughout the value chain including acquisitions of project companies to companies with operational solar heating systems.

SOLID has 30 years of experience as a project developer and is one of the world’s leading companies for construction and operation of large scale solar thermal heating and cooling installations including heat purchase agreements for solar heating – especially solar district heating. SOLID has built > 300 installations all over the world and sells solar thermal heat to several Austrian district heating networks since more than 25 years.

“Financing solutions have been an essential tool for closing of our past projects“ says Stephan Jantscher, CEO of SOLID. “We have a 25 years’ international experience in solar thermal heat purchase agreements within our group of companies. We expect that project financing will become even more important in the upcoming years” says Christian Holter, CEO from SOLID ESCo Company.

Solis Calor’s management has extensive experience from the industrial and financial sector.

Magnus Andersson, CEO, has previously worked in ABB, Handelsbanken and Pareto with M&A, financing of renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate and fund solutions in several countries and has a wide network of investors. He has extensive advisory experience as an energy expert for various clients.

Stefan Jonsson, CFO, has a background at SEB where he worked with global leasing solutions. Stefan has been running a consulting company for 15 years, including projects to finance cleantech solutions together with WWF.

Further information is provided by:

Magnus Andersson, CEO Solis Calor AB, phone +46 8 7217610, email:

Christian Holter, CEO SOLID ESCo Company, email:

Joakim Byström, CEO Absolicon AB, phone +46 61155700, email:

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