April 2019: Solar CEO: ‘Heating electrification is one of the biggest mistakes of the energy transition’


Jänner 2019: Triple-absorption chiller by Chinese Broad Group


April 2017: Successful integration of solar district heating in cities (pdf /164 kB)


April 2017: Solar heat for industry (pdf / 2,81 MB)


March 2017: International highlights in sustainable construction with know-how from Austria (pdf / 2,77MB)


March 2017: New Medium-Temperature Collectors Show Remarkable Yield in District Heating Use


January 2017: How heat from the sun can keep us all cool


December 2016: Solar cooling project beats Arizona heat (pdf / 5,8 MB)


July 2016: Nicaragua: clinic will use solar thermal energy air conditioning water heating


October 2015:The successful business model for civic investments in solar thermal

                     systems ( pdf / 200 kb)


August 2015: Austria: Up to 500 MWth for District Heating in Graz


June 2015: Austria: 1,500 m² ESCO Project for Vienna Residential Area


June 2015 : Webinar: New Business Models for Commercial Solar Thermal Applications


June 2015: New Business Models for Commercial Solar Thermal


June 2015: Large Scale Solar Thermal Energy Plants and Services


April 2015: Successfull Business Model for Civic Investments in Solar Thermal Systems
                 (pdf / 383 KB)

February 2015: World`s Most Powerful Solar Cooling Installation ( pdf / 329 KB)


September 2014: Building innovations from Austria in the Arab world (pdf / 3,6 MB)


September 2014: Keeping cool in the Valley of the Sun thanks to an adsorption chiller


June 2013: Australia: Country to Publish First Solar Air Conditioning Standard
                 (pdf / 72 KB)


May 2013: Solar Cooling Workshop in Singapore (pdf / 20 KB)


June 2012: World`s Largest Solar Cooling System Up and Running (pdf / 676 KB)


June 2012: Solar project developer for Hyatt: Aruba's natural
                 resources are better than Arizona


February 2012: "US-BIZ Award" conferred to austriamicrosystem, Facc, Lenzing,
                        Lixto, PIDSO and SOLID


November 2011: Renewable energy Consulting and engineering for the environment
                         and environmental technology (pdf / 264 KB)


May 2011: Biggest installation on the American continent (pdf / 792 KB)


February 2011: Teleriscaldamento solare con le Esco Italienisch (pdf / 1,63 MB)


July 2010: Piping Cold (pdf / 1,8 MB)


April 2010: Heating and cooling Europe with solar (pdf / 2,2 MB)


November 2009: Sustainable cooling effects presented


November 2009: Dunham-Bush green cooling system launched in RP


November 2009: Green cooling in the Metro (pdf / 184 KB)


November 2009: Green cooling systems of Dunham-Bush now in RP (pdf / 852 KB)


November 2009: Green cooling introduced in RP (pdf / 748 KB)


November 2009: Star align for island idylls ( pdf / 888 KB)


June 2009: Solar Sparkle for Arizona (pdf / 1,39 MB)


May 2009: Arizona: Solar Pre-heating for Sports Drinks


May 2009: Harvard Real Estate installs solar arrays on buildings


November 2007: Signing of the fédaréné-declaration (pdf / 1,44 MB)


July 2007: Articel visions of sustainability 2007 (pdf / 1,79 MB)


June 2007: Articel business month (pdf / 4,01 MB)


Logo SOLID (jpg / 139 KB)