The Solarenergiedorf Liggeringen is officially opened

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It´s done. The Solarenergiedorf Liggeringen, a district of Radolfzell on Lake Constance, was officially opened on Friday, 22.03.2019. Since autumn 2017, SOLID, the Austrian solar service provider, has worked closely with “Stadtwerke Radolfzell” to realize this flagship project, consisting of a solar thermal system and a biomass boiler. With projects like this fossil fuels should soon be a thing of the past.


Liggeringen sets standards far beyond the region and is considered a role model for the heat movement in Germany. 84 high-performance flat plate collectors with a total area of 1100m² now supply 4.7 million kWh of heat each year. This saves 1400 tons of greenhouse gasses. To be prepared for the future, SOLID has already taken measures to expand the system if necessary.


The pioneering role also explains the great interest of politics and the public. Over 250 people attended the opening ceremony by Oberbürgermeister Martin Staab, Franz Untersteller, member of the Landtag and Federal Minister for the Environment, Climate and Energy. He described the solar energy village of Liggeringen as “an important sign in the energy transition” and a “place full of energy”, which honored the host – Stadtwerke Radolfzell – and the project team of SOLID. There was also blessing from above through the pastor. Therefore, nothing should be in the way of a bright future.