Flexibilization of our district heating systems


The Paris Climate Agreement should drive us to head for a completely decarbonized, sustainable energy future. However, this change comes with a lot of challenges. Large shares of renewable, often volatile sources of energy, integrated sector coupling and decentralized energy conversion structures increase the system complexity significantly. Additionally, required, affordable energy costs for the end user and the guarantee of security of supply also play a vital part.


The project “Thermaflex”, under the direction of “AEE INTEC”, as well as 27 other project partners, including, of course, the solar expert SOLID, takes on the responsibility of the district heating networks. Technical components, such as storage, non-technical components, such as the user himself, as well as systematic approaches such as intelligent regulations are to be reconciled.


With a € 9 million funding pool provided by the Climate and Energy Funds, this is the largest project in terms of funding within the 2nd tender of the “Vorzeigeregion Energie” program. The focus here is on 7 demonstrators in the district heating supply area “GreenEnergyLab” region. This consists of the network areas Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria. The selected demonstrators will be accompanied scientifically and systematically throughout the development process.


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