SHC TASK 55 on a Technical Tour in Tibet



The 5th Task 55 Expert Meeting took place in Lianyungang, China, from the 29th-30th of October 2018. 32 Experts from 7 countries were welcomed by the Subtask B Leader and Host Sunrain.
Among 32 experts representatives from R&D, industry and consulting companies have participated. Task Manager is once again the Austrian solar expert SOLID.
The experts also discussed the worldwide market potential for solar district heating and estimated a potential of up to 2,000 Mio m² solarthermal in China and Europe alone! Compared to the current installed systems of 675 Mio m², this is an achievable target in the next 15 to 30 years. The energy produced would cover up to 50% of overall district heating needs.
Part of the Task Event was a 4-day Tour to the biggest Solar Thermal Installation in Tibet. This region is challenged by high import costs of energy (coal). Solar thermal sources are a very promising option to decrease the demand on fossil fuels and flip the coin to renewable energy. In Tibet high solar radiation is available, even higher in winter than in summer. The solar district heating collector field with 22,000 m² and the 15.000m³ seasonal storage are located in Langkazi county. For the system a lot of components and know how were imported from Europe. Because of the high altitude, the district heating can be run with relatively low temperatures of 65 °C.
Further SDH systems in China shall be planned in the next years. To realize these plants, local production of components shall be realized as soon as possible in order to reduce transportation costs.

In between the Task Meeting and the Technical Tour, a two-day Solar Academy Training on solar district heating with over 100 Experts took place.