Together against climate change



The need for action in climate protection is beyond question! However, while in Katowice alarming climate reports are only acknowledged and vague pledges of action are made, things are already much more specific in Graz, Austria.


As EU Council President, efforts are being made in Austria to live up to this responsibility. In particular, climate protection is a major concern here, so in early October Austria invited to the "International Sustainable Energy Conference", ISEC for short, in the venerable halls of “Congress Graz”. The organizer was AEE Intec with great support from the federal government, the state and the city of Graz. 370 experts from economics, research and energy policy from 51 nations followed this call. In 2015, the world committed itself to climate goals, to meet these commitments, it is a stated goal of the conference to bring the heat sector more in the public debate. So far, the focus is almost exclusively on electrical energy, which accounts for just 20% of global final energy consumption. Resource efficiency and the resulting opportunities for companies and research are also essential issues.


As one of the leading experts in the field of Solar District Heating and Cooling (SDHC), SOLID was of course very well represented. CEO Christian Holter was able to inspire those present with his presentation of the company as well as the new showcase project "Big Solar Graz". SOLID shows impressively what is already possible with the current state of the art and transmits a good feeling for the future. The potentials for using the sun are immense. In addition, SOLID's installations were often referred to as flagship projects in other lectures.


The market for SDHC is growing and moving towards large scale applications. The costs are falling and the demand, especially from cities, is huge. The focus was also placed on small solar systems. Customers should be intensively involved in the process. Subsidies are increasingly being distributed for this type of project. The consumer should also become a producer. Attention was also paid to developing countries and networking was thus promoted.


Man begins to take responsibility. There is still a long way to go, but events such as these make you feel something is moving and you can look to the future with hope.