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Near the northwestern shore of Lake Constance, the first open-space solar thermal plant from SOLID was recently installed in Germany. More specifically, the solar field is located in Liggeringen, a district of the district town of Radolfzell.

For several years, the municipal utilities have been refining the optimal concept for the municipality, where the buildings are largely supplied by outdated and not environmentally friendly individual ovens and oil boilers.

In Germany, utilities, politicians and consumers are having a hard time getting involved in the heat revolution. This is where ideas from outside help. In Austria it has been customary since the 90s to use wood fuels for heat supply in rural areas. In addition, the combination with solar heat has been used many times.

As already reported at the beginning of April, the heat supply in Liggeringen will now be converted to the combination of biomass and solar thermal energy. The Austrian specialist SOLID is responsible for the design and installation of the solar thermal system. Eighty-four high-performance flat-plate collectors ensure the economically best heat supply of the village.

Since the start of construction in autumn 2017, 1,200 m³ of earth have been moved. End of September in KW 38, SOLID could proudly announce the completion of the assembly. Nearly 1,100 m² of collector surface were installed.
The supply of the citizens of Liggeringen with heat from own production can already start in March 2019. Gradually, 90 households will be connected by the middle of the year. However, that's not enough. In order to meet the increasing energy demand, preparations have already been made by SOLID to expand the system without any problems. SOLID is ready to ensure renewable heat production now and in the future.

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