IMG 0806Enormous reduction in system cost and essential improvements in performance in SOLID’s solar cooling systems


In 2018, SOLID installed and measured two new solar cooling systems in Singapore and Nicaragua. The measured data was compared with the solar systems from 2011 and 2013. The result pleases customers and SOLID alike. The system performance was increased significantly and the construction costs were lowered substantially.

Where do these positive developments come from? Progress in collector technology and optimization in design, construction and monitoring processes have greatly increased the efficiency of the solar circuit. An excellent illustration of the advancements is the solar conversion factor, which puts the solar irradiation in relation to the solar yield. For new systems the conversion factor is up to 46 % higher. The cost reduction is also an outcome of the process optimization. The construction costs per square meter were even halved.

All of the considered solar systems were designed, installed and are operated by SOLID. With cooling capacities of approximately 1MW, the four systems are amongst the top five largest solar thermal cooling systems worldwide. As an alternative to conventional compression chillers, they provide environmentally friendly energy and help to reduce electricity peak loads at hot days. The combination of a solar system and a heat powered absorption chiller is especially beneficial as cooling demand perfectly aligns with available solar irradiation.

More information to the four solar cooling systems United World Collage (2011), Desert Mountain High-School (2013), Hospital Managua und Ikea Alexandra (both 2018) can be found under