The 5th International Solar District Heating Conference SDH in Graz


5. Internationale SDH Conference 2

On April 11th and 12th, 2018, the 5th "Solar District Heating Conference" (SDH) took place in Graz. More than 300 international experts from industry and economy came to the Styrian capital from about 30 countries. The future of solar district heating was debated and international know-how exchange promoted. The press spokesman of Energie Steiermark, Christian Purrer, also made a big announcement on Big Solar Graz.

SOLID was a partner of the conference organizer AEE INTEC. A highlight of the agenda was the visit of the SOLID-operated district heating plant in the south of Graz. It is the largest solar thermal plant in Austria, feeding directly into a district heating network. SOLID uses the plant to integrate research and operation under real life conditions.


"Big Solar Graz" is one of the flagship projects in Austria to integrate renewable solar energy into a district heating network. It is planned to build the worldwide largest solar thermal project. In a shared presentation between Christian Holter, CEO of SOLID and Gerald Moravi, CEO of Energie Steiermark Wärme GmbH, Mr. Moravi announced that another milestone had been reached: "Central properties of land have been secured for the project." The exciting news triggered a number of discussions on similar projects for megacities such as Hamburg.