• SOLID installs large solar thermal plant for district heat supply in Mürzzuschlag, AUT
  • Austria's largest solar process heat installation for AVL List in full operation
  • Commissioning of 23 MW heat pump for biomass flue gas condensation for cogeneration plant in Klagenfurt-East, Austria.
  • SOLID listed for the IFC/ Financial Times´ “Transformational Business Award 2017”
  • SOLID awarded with the ENERGY GLOBE STYRIA AWARD 2017 in the Category “GLOBAL PROJECTS”
  • SOLID awarded "Best of Austria"


  • Signing of the contract for solar cooling in Nicaragua. First large solar thermal project of SOLID with soft loan financing.
  • Solid takes the largest LiBr absoprtion cooling machine into operation for the Tyrolean company TIGAS.
  • SOLID becomes member of the "Deutscher Fernwärmeverband" and the "Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V."
  • SOLID takes part for the 3rd time after SDHtakeoff and SDHplus at the project SDHp2m within the European network.
  • Winner of the Inter Solar Award 2016 in the category "Outstanding Solar Projects".


  • SOLID signs the delivery contract with the Tyrolean TIGAS for a 6 MW absorbtion heat pump.
  • SOLID opens an office in California.
  • Opening Ceremony of the world's biggest solar thermal cooling system in Arizona by the Austrian Federl Ministry of Environment, Andrä Rupprechter, the vice president of the AUstrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) Roth, and SOLID.
  • SOLID is guest at the climate round table in the USC Schwarzenegger Institute
  • SOLID takes down the order for planning a solar thermal cooling system for IKEA in Singapore.
  • SOLID becomes project coordinator of the pioneering R&D projects SPC and MeQuSo, both supported by the Austrian fund "Klima- und Energyfond". Further SOLID becomes partner for the R&D projects BINEII and heatportfolio.
  • Executive commitee of the IEA takes decision to start the IEA SHC Task 55. Towards the integration of Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks" under the lead of Ing. Sabine Putz, head of R&D and COO of SOLID.


  • Central Europe's largest system for solar district heating inaugurated by Austrian Federl Ministry of Environment, Andrä Rupprechter.
  • SOLID strengthens its presence with DI Detlev Seidler in Germany.
  • Start of first concept development of BIG Solar Graz: 500.000m² solar collectors with seasonal storage.
  • Design and installation of a solar cooling and heating plant at the chemistry building of the Karl-Franzes-University, Graz.
  • Big sucess for alternative financing model SOLID Invest: 1.5 Mil. € generated via crowdfunding.
  • Contract conclusion for the first plant with civic participation: system for solar process heat at the company AVL List, Graz
  • Start of R&D projects CiQuSo, CoolPV and Tes4set with SOLID as project partner, all co-funded by the Klima- and Energiefonds.


  • Installation of a solar thermal cooling plant at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center (SZDLC), VAE
  • Installation of a solar thermal plant for process heat generation Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG
  • The plant Eibiswald doubles its collector area
  • SOLID holds speech at the EU-Mediterranean Conference in Berlin
  • Installation of the first Solar thermal cooling plant in Jamaica


  • Construction of the first solar thermal plant in Slovenia for a district heating network (Vransko)
  • Installation of the 5th Million solar thermal collector square meter by SOLID
  • SOLID is co-project director for TASK45 at the International Energy Agency
  • Cooperation agreement between SOLID and the Nanyang Technical University Singapore (NTU)


  • SOLID Asia won the Award Solar Pioneer 2010 in Singapore for the UWC plant
  • Participation at the 3. Governors Global Climate Summit  in Davis at the University of California together with 1500 visitors from 80 countries
  • The assistant US ambassador visits SOLID to talk about future project opportunities
  • Kick-off at the UWC Singapore; Construction of the solar thermal cooling and water heating plant at the United World College (UWC)



  • Establishment SOLID Asia Pte Ltd and SOLID Asia Energie Service Pte Ltd
  • Conclusion of an agreement Contracting Model Singapore UWC


  • Realization of 2 solar installations for 2 dormitories of the Harvard University,Boston, MA
  • Winner of the Export price of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Heating support for the office buildings of the new „water competence center“ and delivery of district heat to the city’s district heating grid. 3855 m² / 41,500 ft² collector area, 2.7 MW heating capacity
  • Process heat installation for Gatorade / PepsiCo, pre-heating water for the soft-drink production. System Size 893 m² / 9,600 ft²
  • Beginning of cooperation with Dunham Bush
  • Numerous loaded lectures e.g. MIT, Energy Forum, Intersolar


  • CGD - Caixa Geral de Depósitos: Worldwide largest Solar Cooling installation for an office building worldwide with 1580 m² / 17,000 ft² collector area and 545 kW / 155 tons cooling capacity. See “REFERENCES ” section for details
  • Award for more than 10 years of the ecolabel Fernheizwerk/AEVG


  • Completion of the Berlinerring Graz plant - during the course of reconstruction work collectors covering a total collector area of 2,417 m² are installed on a number of family houses in the settlement of Berlinerring (756 residential units) and connected in such a way that the entire settlement is supplied with hot water.


  • Conferment of the Asian Power Award 2006 for the solar cooling and provision of hot water in Qingdao (swimming stadium and logistics centre for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games)
  • Move to the new company site on Puchstrasse
  • Foundation of S.O.L.I.D. International with a subsidiary in the USA
  • Commissioning of the first plant for solar heating and cooling in Arizona/USA



  • Construction of the solar cooling plant in the EAR Tower Pristina (2,300 m² of office space is cooled using solar energy; this is S.O.L.I.D.’s first large-scale plant for solar cooling abroad)


  • Installation of the largest solar plant in Austria (1,407 m² in Graz)
  • Expansion in the large-scale plant sector abroad
  • International expansion through the acquisition of distribution partners in Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Spain and also by founding the subsidiary company EuroSOLID in Germany


  • Exports to Germany and Bulgaria
  • International solar business meeting
  • A range of awards


  • Start of the "wireless solar controllers" development project
  • Move to the new company site on Herrgottwiesgasse


  • Takeover of the Solvis agency for Austria
  • Exports to Italy

Delivery of a large-scale solar plant (764 m²) to Sweden


  • Planning and construction of the large-scale solar plant in Eibiswald (1,250 m²)


  • Implementation of ESCo projects in Kalsdorf, Deutschfeistritz and Glashütten
  • Awarding of the Ecolabel for the "gluatmugl" solar collector


  • Planning and construction of the first plant for supplying district heat in Deutsch-Tschantschendorf


  • Establishment of S.O.L.I.D. GesmbH
  • Construction of partially solar room heating systems


  • Installation of the Holter solar house (60 to 90 % solar coverage for a duplex house)