SOLID regards itself as an expert point of contact for planning, constructing and operating large-scale solar plants. Our plants are planned, constructed and operated using the very latest experience from practice and the latest technical guidelines which are in force. Thanks to the many projects which have been implemented successfully all over the world, SOLID boasts many years of experience in the area of large-scale thermal solar plants for providing hot water, assisting with the heating of rooms and also for other specific fields of application. We offer our customers customised and optimised solutions for numerous models of thermal solar energy …


…in housing complexes

SOLID utilises the huge potential for integrating thermal solar plants for the environmentally friendly supply of hot water and thermal energy. The plants are constantly maintained and optimised using the very latest remote maintenance systems.


…for supplying district heat
Thanks to sophisticated control technology and large-area collectors with the highest levels of efficiency, SOLID is able to supply solar energy in the high-temperature range to district heating grids. Plants with collector areas covering several thousand square metres minimise operating costs and also specific procurement costs and therefore make an active contribution to protecting the environment.


…for specific technical process applications
Specific applications require specific solutions. Nothing is impossible, S.O.L.I.D. develops solutions for every individual case of application!


…in ESCos
Working together with our partners, we devise concepts for large-scale solar plants which are individually customised in both technical and economic terms using ESCos. SOLID plans and constructs - and our partners finance and operate the solar plant.


We offer the following:
-    Advice, planning, delivery, assembly, management and service across the whole
     life span
-    Use of modern, environmentally friendly and efficient systems
-    Ongoing maintenance and optimisation
-    Smooth project execution
-    Many years of practical experience in the area of large-scale solar plants



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